About us

Steven Samuels Management Consultants is the premier provider of cutting edge training, conferencing, networking and business solutions across Southern Africa. We are committed to keeping you and your organisation way ahead of your field in the face of a constantly changing work environment that increasingly demands the constant upgrading of skills and capacities for continued relevance.

Through our suite of carefully researched and customizable public and in-house training workshops, conferences, networking opportunities and seminars, we keep you way ahead of the chasing pack in the broader industry. Our courses  are facilitated by the most astute practitioners in a host of specialized fields that include professional skills and communication; leadership and Management; Engineering; IT; operations and Safety; Finance and accounting; risk management and mining, to mention but a few.

Over and above this, we provide growing businesses with extra leverage for growth through a number of professional services and solutions designed to support core and auxiliary business functions. Overall, we aim to not only ensure your sustained relevance and value, but to provide you with a bridge to your next growth phase.